Dominant Women Make Amazing Girlfriends: How a Mistress Cares About Their Submissive
While it’s all about sex and fulfilling each other’s fetishes under the sheets, dommes make amazing girlfriends outside of the bedroom. Whether it’s their relationship or career, dommes always want to be in charge of everything life throws at them but that doesn’t mean it’s all about them. A dominatrix is a confid..
Traveling with a Dominant Woman: BDSM Dating on the road
So you've been dating for awhile now and you want to take the next step. How about planning a road trip? Are you unsure what to pack or where to go? Well let me see if I can help you out. Let's start with what to pack and how to pack it. Packing for a BDSM road trip can be quite the task. You'll want to include a nice varie..
Becoming a Dominatrix: A Short Beginner’s Guide To BDSM Life
Like most people in the BDSM world you have probably been in a few vanilla relationships that have been very plain and left you wanting for something more. Maybe you even started to feel like you didn't fit in anywhere because your desires were so much different from everyone you know. Did you ever consider yourself a freak..
Dating a Lifestyle Dominatrix in the BDSM World: 5 Things You Should Know
Every head turns when she walks into the room. She's sexy, smart and knows exactly what she wants. Let's get to know this woman that oozes confidence. Before you date her you also need to know exactly what you want. Let's take a look at some things you should know before you date that beautiful Dominatrix...
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