Rope and Bondage Fetish In BDSM Dating: 5 Sexy Techniques & Ties
Rope and bondage Fetish in BDSM is all about taking control of your submissive. For a submissive, it means that he or she has to lose all his control to the dominant and if practiced in a consensual and safe manner, bondage can become an exciting part of your BDSM lifestyle. A submissive has to do as the dominant says when ..
Benefits Of a Dominatrix Keeping Her Kinky Slave In Chastity
As a dominatrix in a BDSM relationship, keeping your kinky slave submissive in chastity has its benefits but also comes with a great responsibility. Contrary to popular belief, being a dominatrix isn’t an easy task and if you add to that the challenging task of control when your submissive sexually releases, being a domme..
Submissive Women Crave a Dominant Sugar Daddy: BDSM Dating Match
Why do all submissive women crave a dominant man and finding their BDSM dating match? We all know women like authority and most have always been inclined towards men with power. This is exactly why celebrities and wealthy men always have a beautiful woman by their side while thousands of others wanting to be with them. Some..
Find a Femdom and BDSM Dating: Approaching a Dominatrix The Right Way
To find a femdom and bdsm dating with a dominatrix is hard but only because of wave after wave of bad BDSM dating websites. We are clearly the remedy to this major kink issue. Are you new to BDSM dating or are an experienced submissive who finding a femdom? The first thing you need to know is that you won’t just be able t..
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