Exploring Spanking and Slapping Fetish For Kinky Submissives In BDSM
When we talk about sex toys, we often take one for granted which has been provided to us by nature; our hands! Hands can be used to enjoy one of the most common fetishes for kinky submissives in BDSM; spanking and slapping. Spanking is extremely common in the BDSM world and often is one of the first things a BDSM couple exp..
Sadist and Masochist Couples Are More Satisfied In Their BDSM Relationships Than Most
If the statement that sadist and masochist couples are more satisfied in their BDSM relationships sounds strange to you, then you might not be completely familiar with the concept of sadomasochism. What the media portrays about sadomasochism might have you thinking that why would someone enjoy receiving pain and the other w..
BDSM Switch: Being Dominant and Submissive In Fetish and Kink
Being a BDSM switch simply means that a person is neither fully dominant and nor a 100% submissive in the fetish and kink world. A switch likes to keep both sides of a BDSM relationship open to experimentation and is keen to explore both dynamics in a power exchange relationship. A BDSM switch is similar to a bisexual perso..
About BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism Fetish
Misunderstood by many who do not have enough information, BDSM - Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism Fetish is in fact how one explores their sexual powers, sensations, fantasies and more. Trust, honest and open communication and mutual respect are all pivotal parts of a great and BDSM relationship or agreement. With ..
Foot Fetish and Foot Worship: About The Most Common Fetish & Kink
There are a lot of men who have a foot fetish and are into foot worship too, and although women seem to have a liking for feet too, this kink is most commonly found in males. Foot fetish can be simply defined as sexual stimulation connected to an experience with feet. Foot fetish & foot worship are extremely famous amongst ..
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