Dominant Women Love Service Oriented Slaves and Submissives: BDSM Servitude
Every domme has her own set of preferences when it comes to choosing a submissive and many dominant women love and prefer service oriented slaves and submissives. So, what exactly is BDSM servitude? Let’s dig a little deeper to find out. In the most simplest of terms, BDSM servitude means serving your dominant. Servitude ..
Whips, Chains and Bondage During BDSM Play: 6 Sexy and Fun Ways To Get Kinky
Whips, chains, bondage and so much more. You may think you have tried everything but BDSM is very vast and so you should know that there are many sexy and fun ways to get kinky that you may not have explored yet. A whole new world of adventure opens up when you enter the BDSM world. The journey is that of sexual exploration..
Kink Dating and Satisfying Your Lover’s Rubber, Leather, or Latex Fetish Daily
Do you not know how to satisfy your lover’s rubber, leather or latex fetish or are you having trouble in familiarizing yourself with what rubber or latex fetishism actually is? Worry not because this kink dating article will act as a crash course of sorts for those wanting to learn more about rubber and leather fetish in ..
Daddie Dom or DDLG Fetish Is The Fastest Growing Fetish Among Sugar Babies
The BDSM world is vast and includes various kinds of kinks and fetishes and although every individual has their own preference, the daddie Dom DDLG fetish is the fastest growing fetish among kinky Sugar Babies. So what is a Daddie-Dom relationship and how does it function? A Daddie is still essentially a dominant and assume..
Dating a Dominatrix: Why Dommes Love Submissives That Are Dominant In Their Business and Work Life
One of the most asked questions by people who are interested in dating a dominatrix is why do Dommes love submissives that are dominant in their business and work life. To answer this question, we will have to look at why are women in interested in submissive men in the first place. What is it that dominant women look in su..
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