Alpha Female Dominants and Alpha Male Submissives In BDSM Dating
One can never say they’ve learned all about BDSM. Even after you have gotten around the basics of BDSM, there is so much more to know and learn. For instance, Alpha Dominants and Alpha Submissives are two terms that are still new to the BDSM community and not many are acquainted with what they mean. BDSM is as vast as the..
Verbal Humiliation and Masochism: Letting Your BDSM Partner Know You Love Being Hurt
BDSM has an obvious physical aspect to it, but it also has a psychological side to it as well which is can be practiced through many techniques, one of which is verbal humiliation. With no physical aspect involved, just letting your partner know that as a masochist into masochism you love being hurt can be quite arousing as..
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