Being Obedient Makes a Submissive Happy: Why Dommes Should Keep Giving Subs More Orders
Most people think of sex whenever BDSM dating is mentioned when the truth is that BDSM is a lot more than just sex. Dominants and submissive do not always act their roles out in a closed setting such as a bedroom. Submissives enjoy being obedient to their dominants in a whole lot of other ways as well. If we were to define ..
Miami BDSM Dating: The Fetish Scene Is Thriving In Florida And Here’s Some Kinky Ideas
Whether you are a vanilla couple looking to have some fun or are searching for a kinky night out while BDSM dating, Miami is the place to be. Miami houses some pretty wild spirits and has even been labeled as one of the sexiest cities in the United States along with the likes of Las Vegas. Unless you aren’t properly prepa..
Chastity and Tease and Denial: Why Dommes Enjoy The Kink In BDSM Dating
Chastity and tease and denial are possibly some of the most intense and sexiest experiences for both Dommes and submissives. BDSM is vast, great and has all that can make a satisfy both a dominant and submissive. However, while discussing BDSM, the perspective of the dominant often gets ignored. What is that a domme enjoys ..
Female Led Relationships Are More Mainstream Than Ever Before: FLR Dating
Female Led Relationships and FLR dating is sweeping the world as freedom intensifies. The days when power was related to being physically strong are long gone. Today power stems from being emotionally and mentally dominant and exuding a positive aura at all times. Because of this please shift in the definition of power over..
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