Foot Worship and Feet Fetish: Embracing The Kink Give You Lots Of Power Over Your Submissive
Foot Worship and Feet Fetish are some of the most popular BDSM kinks. Everybody is different from the other in this world and that’s what makes the world a beautiful place to live in. The most important of the relationships in our lives are built upon diversity and difference of opinion. Mother and son, wife and husband, ..
Pro Dommes Don’t Compare To Dating a Dominant Sugar Baby Girlfriend
Not that it’s a contest, because of them are different in what they do, but pro dommes can never compare to dating a dominant Sugar Baby girlfriend. Professional Dommes and those who choose to be lifestyle Dommes are different in several aspects, however, the biggest and most obvious of differences is that they both have ..
Femdom Marriage and Embracing The BDSM Lifestyle Forever More
Sexual exploration and adventures have always been a part of submissives and dominants involved in BDSM. What if these partners decide to be part of the BDSM lifestyle forever and want to keep progressing on the path of sexual exploration forever with their d/s partner. One way of embracing the kinky lifestyle for longer pe..
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