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A Diamond In The Rough
I don't know how Dommez does it but I've never seen so many women genuinely interested in a dominant/submissive relationship until i came across this website. Every other BDSM dating site is pretty much just fake profiles with a few professional dommes in between. I always thought a lifestyle Domme was one in a million but i was proven wrong here. This a diamond in the rough for so many people!
Jason K.
Dommez Did The Impossible
I've spent years on other sugar sites trying to find a sugar baby interested in a BDSM relationship and it was just really hard, if not almost impossible! With Dommez, there's always someone for everyone into the BDSM lifestyle and in search of a real relationship. it's everything i could ever ask for in a sugar dating site, fantastic job and great support from the admins!
Leonard M.
A Dommez shoutout!
I love how easy it feels to approach the Dommes on this site. I'm a pretty shy guy and generally don't like to initiate anything or even start an every day conversation but i feel pretty confident about it here and have been on more dates in the past few months than i ever have in my lifetime. For this fulfilling reason, i decided to help them out with a bit of shoutout. Thank you dommez.
Richard K.
The best and i meant it!
If you want to meet and date a lifestyle Domme, this is the only place that can give that you and i truly mean that. It's the best Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy website for anyone interested in BDSM relationships and don't have months to waste on a search elsewhere. I'm baffled it took so long for a sugar platform like this to show up but I'm glad it finally did.
Eric N.
Helped me in many ways
I'm having an amazing time dating on Dommez. The dommes are really nice to chat with and it definitely looks like they enjoy being on the site as well. I've had two successful relationships blossom from here so I'm very thankful for the awesome memories it has provided me so far. I'm Always happy to be subscribed and support something that's been so helpful to my dating life.
Steven C.
Ultimate Sugar Baby Platform
This is without a doubt the ultimate BDSM Sugar Baby Platform! It's got everything for those us seeking a dominant counterpart for our submissive personalities. I was so tired of regular relationships and i felt so bad that i wasn't 100% interested in the relationship because of my submissive side. This site has changed all that around for me and I'm finally 100% invested in my new relationship.
Rafael B.
What a gem of site
I love the idea and how the website presents itself in a very respectable, clean way with encouraging information. It's not my first time seeking a dominant sugar baby but Dommez would have definitely made it much easier to get the courage to find a woman into the whole domme/sub thing when i was younger and its definitely made it easier for me in the past few weeks of discovering this little gem of a site.
Nicholas D.
There's no competition
I've tried tons of other sugar baby and sugar daddy dating sites but non were ever as BDSM friendly as this platform. It makes my search for a meaningful relationship with a Sugar Baby easier and much more targeted. It's got lots of neat little features and it's just easy so easy to start a conversation and chat even for BDSM website. I'm a big fan!
Jake P.
Dommez is kinda my thing
Dommez.com is awesome! Perfect for the submissive men like me. I've been on dozens of dating sites and I've been catfished more times than i can count. This is pretty much the only website I'll trust to find a real dominant Sugar Baby. BDSM relationships are a must for so many individuals and I'm glad the Sugar Dating niche finally has a great platform for it.
Andy S.
I Love Dommez!
I love the Sugar Babies, i love the layout, i love the features, i love the travel aspect, and i love the dating environment around here. It's authentic and the real deal for anyone seeking real dating and real sugar relationship. I've been a fan of this platform for a few months now so i thought I'd give it the great review it deserves. Keep it up guys!
Matt H.
Breath of fresh air
Dommez is a breath of fresh air for anyone with non-vanilla dating preferences in the Sugar Baby/Daddy world. I've spend hours for months browsing other dating sites and seeking the type of sugar baby that i could find here within 5 seconds. I believe Dommez will meet all the demands for a real BDSM sugar dating site and i'm rooting for it along the way as a long time subscriber.
Jerry M.
Hands down the best!
Dommez is the best BDSM dating website hands down! There is no better dating website out there for meeting dominant women. I've been on tons of dating websites over the years hoping to connect with someone for a BDSM relationship and it took me just a few days to meet an amazing sugar baby here. Thank you for saving me a ton of time Dommez.
Christopher L.
Great for the shy guy too
I've always been a submissive person but I've never had the opportunity to meet dominant women in real life. I mean, it's not an easy conversation and I'm not actually into the whole scene. My first few dates with a Sugar Baby went fantastic and while it's not much, they were the best dates I've ever had since the chemistry and mutual interests were all there. I love this place.
Jeremy M.
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