BDSM Couples Have Happier Relationships: Why You Need a Kink Loving Partner
Just as the fetishes and kinks in a BDSM relationship are unlimited, the dynamics of a BDSM relationship are too. BDSM can be something extremely intimate between lifelong partners or just a disconnected act of love between two people who think they know each other but actually don’t. If a domme and submissive want to not..
Bondage While Relaxing With Your Submissive As a Dominant, Making The Kink a Habit
Do you want things to heat up in your sex life with the help of some dominance and submission or are maybe already involved in a BDSM relationship and amp it up a bit further? If so then you go start doing just this by experimenting with the dynamics of your power play by bringing power exchange into your everyday routine. ..
Submissive Sugar Babies and Dominant Sugar Daddies Kink Compatibility Is Important
As a submissive Sugar Baby, you crave nothing but control from your dominant Sugar Daddy and want him to spank you as hard as he can whereas your dominant on the other hand wants you to spend an hour waiting on your knees before he finishes his work and gets back to you. However, you don’t like waiting for so long and he ..
Female Lead Relationships or FLR Are Gaining Popularity On Dating Sites
Since the beginning of time men have always been in charge of major positions whether in the household or at work. There’s something about taking the lead and being an Alpha that satisfied their ego, however, times are now changing. Women, in today’s age, are not only leading households but nations as well. From single ..
Learn All About Your Submissive Sugar Daddy’s Fetishes & Kinks To Keep Him Coming Back
Being in a BDSM relationship you and your partner most definitely have common fetishes and kinks but whether you know it or not there still must be sexual fetish you have but have not realized it yet. Sexual fetishes are completely normal and if one person’s fetish sounds weird to you that doesn’t mean that their fetish..
Dominatrix In New Jersey, Get Spoiled On Fun Dates With The Submissive In The Garden State
New Jersey has really taken off in the last 5 to 10 years in terms of fun options to explore with a partner. The idea for a fun date night has evolved with time and for a domme and submissive a fun date night out usually means a break from intense, sensual role-playing. It gives them both a chance to unwind after an intense..
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